Monday, July 05, 2004

Here I am frollicking in the Dead Sea...well as much as one can frollick in a hot pool of burning salt water. As you can probably tell, the Dead Sea experience wasn't really what I was hoping for. First of all, there was no mineral-rich mud to lather on one's self and renew and re-invogorate one's skin. I don't know if we just picked the non-muddy section or what. Secondly, after about five minutes, certain, uh, areas of the body begin to have a distinct burning sensation, which is not pleasant. And if you get the water in your eyes, which is nearly impossible not to do, you can forget about it - better look for some fresh water quick. Also, 70 degree water isn't exactly refreshing when you're in a 100 degree desert. So you can understand if I'm a little salty about my Dead Sea experience. (Sorry, couldn't resist.) But I do have to admit the unsinkable phenomenon was pretty cool. Everyone, no matter how much hummus he may have eaten, floats. Anyway, since we were staying in some oasis mega-resort, I spent most of the afternoon by the pool.  Posted by Hello


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