Sunday, July 25, 2004

We arrived in Jerusalem in the afternoon and this is the first stop we made. This is on the Mount of Olives looking westward on the the Temple Mount and the Old City. Towards the bottom you can see a cemetary which is the largest Jewish cemetary in the world - many famous Jewish and Israeli people are buried there (also Oskar Schindler, I believe.) You can imagine what kind of state we were in taking in this view for the first time. A mixture of awe, disbelief, and reverence. It's very surreal.  Posted by Hello

Funny story: When we got off the tour bus here there was a man with a camel - he was selling rides on the camel. Kind of random to have a camel in the middle of a city, but whatever. Anyway, the camel is laying on the ground and I ask the guy if I can take a picture. He reluctantly agreed - he would have preferred that I pay for a ride, but he said okay.  So I go to take the picture and some man sitting there in a taxi says in a rather unpleasant tone, "Hey!  You want to take a picture?  Five dollars."  So I said well this other guy told me it was okay, and he says "No!  It's my camel, if you want a picture, it's five dollars!"  Then the first guy says something to him and they both start screaming at each other in Arabic.  I just walked away thinking, great, five minutes in Jerusalem and I'm already starting a riot.


At July 30, 2004 at 9:08 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

Seth, so where's the camel shot, then? All that work for just a very funny story? Or how 'bout when they asked some of us if we'd like to wear the headcoverings? Another uncomfortable moment, probably followed by more hummos.
Melissa, fellow traveler


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