Saturday, June 12, 2004

The Aliyah Girl

No, I'm not talking about the singer that died in an airplane crash. I'm referring to my sister Josie. I'd be remiss if I didn't include her story as part of my own.

Josie's making aliyah. For you goyim out there, that means she is immigrating (emigrating?) to the land of Israel and becoming a citizen.

I'm not really sure what angle to approach this story from. At this point, you're rather dumbfounded and are trying to formulate the question "Why?" The short answer is that she has a strong desire to support the nation, and to be a part of its future, and she feels this is the best way to do that. She's absolutely right.

She feels a passion for the land and for the people, and for the calling that G-d has for both. This is something she has been thinking and praying about for several years, and when she went for a visit last year, she was officially hooked. Signed, sealed, and delivered.

This is a huge step and a huge commitment for a 19-old American girl, and yes, we are all concerned for her well-being, but we are all also extremely proud of her and we know she will be doing great things in Israel. She will be living on a kibbutz and learning Hebrew for about 5 months, then she is considering joining the Army. I know joining the Army may sound crazy to some of you, but military service is, generally speaking, required in Israel, and is especially important for immigrants who are trying to integrate into the culture. Women generally do not serve in combat roles.

Josie embarks on her journey on Tuesday. (She gets to fly El-Al, we don't :/) This means we have the opportunity to meet up with her in Israel and be there to send her off.

So this has added another dimension to our trip, in both logistical and emotional terms. Josie has had to prepare herself for her new life, and say goodbye to everything she knows. We are all sad to see her go.

And that's all I have to say about that.

24 Hours to Departure

Time is short. I'm not packed yet, although this doesn't worry me as I can easily throw things together in about 2 hours.

It promises to be a crazy 24 hours. Everyone here at the house is still packing and the place is such a disaster we should ask for federal relief. We will all probably be up most or all of the night getting ready. Others in our group are pulling overnighters of their own accord to try to pre-empt the jet lag and get on Israeli time. I think I'll just take my chances with the jet lag.

I haven't made any entries for a few days, I was giving people time to check out the blog and see what the response was. It has been...underwhelming. But I know people are busy and will be checking in from time to time. Others just have no idea what this is all about. And that's fine. I will continue to be a faithful writer for all of my faithful readers out there. Both of you.

Anyway, just wanted to check in - more later.

Tuesday, June 08, 2004

Could This Be Love?

Sorry, not Israel-related, but this is too good to pass up.

Sunday, June 06, 2004

Welcome! ברוך הבא

After a week or so of careful crafting, the Seth In Israel blog is ready for public consumption.

The original purpose for this site was to be an efficient and hopefully entertaining glimpse into my upcoming trip to Israel for those interested. It may be a failure, if I don't have adequate Internet access in Israel; or it may just be plain boring.

But I figured there would be at least a few of you who would like to know something about my experience, and this is a much better way then sending out group emails.

For you new readers, take a minute to look around. I've tried to plant a lot of information here and there in the form of links to other sites. I've also been writing for almost two weeks now, so if you want to catch up, you can peruse the "Recent Posts" and the "Archives" on the sidebar. -->

There are also some relevant links on the nation of Israel, media outlets, and other Israel-related blogs.

You will find details of our trip and plenty of additional information on the Tour Itinerary.

If you feel like making a donation, by all means, be my guest!

You are able to post comments on any of my entries, but remember this will be available for all to read (that means keep it clean!) I look forward to reading your feedback on the site, the trip, or whatever is on your mind.

Thanks for visiting!

Hodge Podge

4 things non-Israel related:

Godspeed,Mr. President.
Thank you, Greatest Generation.
Happy Birthday, Sammi.
Go Pistons.